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Quilt Prep

Longarm quilting will give the best finish when done on a quilt top that is flat, squared off.  Perfection is not required, but straight edges and a properly attached border will give the best results.  
  • Square up your backing fabric so there are no uneven edges.
  • Make sure your backing fabric is at least 5" wider than the quilt top on all sides after it has been squared.
    • For example, if your quilt top is 50" x 60", your backing fabric should be a minimum of 60" x 70".​
  • Wide back backing fabric is preferred, but if you need to piece your backing fabric, the seam should be horizontal to the top of the quilt as it gives a smoother finish.  The seam should be at least 1/2 " and not include selvages.
  • Label the top of the quilt and also the top of the backing with a note or small safety pin.
  • Give your quilt top and backing a fresh press before mailing or drop-off.
  • Clip loose threads, especially dark threads that could show through white fabric.
  • If you are providing batting, the batting should be at least 4" wider than the quilt top on on all sides.
  • If you are shipping your quilt, fold your quilt top, backing, and or batting separately.  Place them in a plastic bag inside the mailing box or envelope.
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